October 26, 2011

It's Here...Pumpkin Butter!!!

 No amount of Febreze, incense or candles could make your home smell more inviting than a boiling pot of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and pumpkin, mixed with the zest of orange and apple cider vinegar. 

I have to say, I found the best part of making my homemade pumpkin butter to be the intoxicating aroma of my favorite spices.

I finally decided to stop putting off making pumpkin butter with all of the left over bits and pieces from my pumpkin carving that I had chilled in the fridge. My only regret, not making it sooner! What a fantastic and unique fall treat!

A few days ago I came across this straight forward recipe on on of my favorite web sites, Krazycouponlady.com 

 Here's the recipe:

Pumpkin Butter Recipe:
1. Throw all of your pumpkin strings and seeds into a big bowl. (If you haven't already separated them)
2. Fill bowl with just enough water to cover, and swish around a bit to separate the seeds from the gooey strings. Scoop out the floating seeds (you will not need them for this recipe).
3. Put all of your water and gooey strings in a big pot on the stove.
4. Mix in
      1 tsp. Vanilla extract
      ½ tsp. salt
      2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
      ½ cup dark brown sugar
      ½ cup granulated sugar
      1 pinch ground cloves ***
      ¼ tsp ground nutmeg ***
      1 tsp each: ground ginger, cinnamon, and orange peel (zest) ***
       *** = Pumpkin pie spice contains most of these necessary spices, so you could use this instead.

5. Cook for about an hour on medium heat until brown in color and slightly thickened.
6. Then blend it smooth in a standard blender (stringy bits may destroy handheld immersion blender).
7. Continue to cook until texture becomes thick enough that it doesn’t run, but not as thick as peanut butter. (a crockpot can also be used to slowly reduce the mixture down. You could also thicken with cornstarch mixed in a little water).
Will keep refrigerated for 1-2 weeks, or frozen for a few months.

Making this pumpkin butter was easier than I anticipated it would be, and the simplicity of the recipe made me feel a little silly for procrastinating.  All there is to it is, mixing your ingredients in a pot and letting it boil or simmer for awhile, blend it, then simmer it some more. 
I did tweak the recipe a tad; instead of 1 tsp orange peel zest, I zested about half an orange peel. I also added a little bit more brown sugar. 
Just taste your mix, and you'll know what it needs. 
If I can make this, anyone can. ;)

Spread it on a piece of toast, cuddle up by the fire, and have a relaxing autumn evening.
Stay warm!
The pictures in this October 26,2011 blog post are copyrighted as my own.
A huge thank you to Amber for posting this recipe on KrazyCouponLady.com 

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  1. Looks yummy! Thanks so much for joining our Countdown to Fall link party again! Hope you're having a great week! :)


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