October 31, 2011

Light up DIY Ghosts

Need a last minute decoration idea or just want to do something festive today on Halloween? Check out these simple milk jug ghosts. I found this cleaver idea on Familyfun.go.com

Just take a empty milk jug and draw a spooky face on one side with a sharpie marker (keeping the lid on will keep it from denting in) then cut out a small rectangle in the back of the jug. Tuck a string of Christmas lights inside to make it glow. It's best to have a few ghost placed close together and only tucking a few lights from a string inside each one.

Set on your door step and enjoy, the great thing is you'll allready have your lights out when your ready to put up your Christmas decorations. :)
Happy Halloween!

This picture is not mine, I found it on familyfun.go.com


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog... following me... and LEAVING me a comment!!! It just made my day! I have wondered if any one really stops by - let alone reads my blog ... (I think I scare people away with my Christmas EXCITEMENT!) ;) So thank you!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO!!!! So fun! Great ideas!!! I just can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for THE holiday!!!! :) Thanks so much!!!! I'll be snooping around frequently!!!


I love your comments, they make my day!!! :-D
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