November 16, 2011

Blogs I Love

One of the things I love most about blogging is the feeling of community. I wasn't expecting to find this when I began my blogging journey, but I absolutely love it. I feel like bloggers and followers are a group of really amazing people filled with cleaver ideas, inspiring stories, and tasty recipies; but most of all, people who are kind, caring, and supportive.

We are eachothers resourses, so I would like to make a shout-out to some of my many favorite blogs. I have a list of blogs on my side bar under "More Great Blogs", but I would still like to mention all of them here. I strongly reccomend you go check them out and suggest more for us to visit.
Some of my favorite holiday blogs:
(In no particular order)

Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive, 365
This blog has soothing music to calm you with carols while you explore all of her many interesting Christmas posts.

 * Make Christmas Count
This blog is currently hosting a fun giveaway every week! 

* Deck The Halls of Home with Joy
 Brenda does a great job providing inspiration on her crafty blog.

* Yule Tide Seasonings
This blog is such and adorable Christmas blog with a lovely vintage feel.

* Whispering Christmas Dreams
Mandie, like myself, openly shares her "obsession" for Christmas. I love it, because I am the same way!

* Shady Creek Lane
Connie's blog is filled with homemade decor and has a very homey feel to it.Go there to feel like part of the family.

* Joy of Christmas
We get a great walkthough of Dorthy's home in her blog. I love that she is already preparing her home for Christmas this year! 

* Cheryl's Christmas Chattels, ect.
When you read this blog you will feel like you are chatting with your best girlfriend as shes tells you about the treasures she finds.

Christmas Believe
Lily posts all kinds of neat stuff she comes across with lots of great pictures!

* Karens Holidays Corner
Karen's blog has a nice fall theme to it, which is refreshing. I cant wait to see her blog in December.

 * Christmas Pudding
Has a beautiful Victorian feel to it, with unique Christmas colors that I'm completely inlove with.

Some of my favorite "Less Christmassy" blogs:

* Adorable Chi
If you are an animal lover, you will love this blog. Calla posts funny, informing, or cute blog posts every single day! She is dedicated to her love of animals and its always fun to see what she comes up with.

* Obee Designs
While I dont believe this is a holiday blog, it keeps up with the seasons. She currently posted some amazing design ideas for your holiday feast.

* Rainy Day Farm 
Is a nice farm blog with, adorable baby animals, a sweet family, crops as far as the eye can see and home made cooking.

* Patch O' Dirt Farm

This blog gives us a taste of life on a farm through Nadja's beautiful photography and family stories.

*  A Day with Me
This blog is also filled with beautiful colorful photography, my only question, where does Cherry live. It is amazing!

Creative Flourishes
Nicky makes beautiful crafts....actually, the word "crafts" doesnt do them justice, they are more like art!

Shady Creek Vinyl Lettering
Connie makes everything fun with her custom lettering of phrases and designs. Even better, it looks like she also shares a love of Twilight.

Designs by Calla
I saved the best for last! The reason I say that is because my blog wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for this blogger! This is another blog by Calla except this blog is her designer blog, this is where I get all of my custom templates, buttons, signatures, videos, ect. Calla handles all of my technical work so I can focus on the blogging. I HIGHLY recommend contacting her if you want a one-of-a-kind blog template.

 Well, that is my list of amazing blogs that I keep updated on frequently. I really want to encourage all of you to write a post about your favorite blogs or add their links onto your blog. That way we can all find more holiday blogs to enjoy. 

Please comment below with links to some of your favorite holiday blogs. I love to find new people to follow!


  1. Hi Jonquil,
    Thanks for sharing these special blogs, and mentioning me. :)
    The one's I'm familiar with are truly delightful, and now I hope to visit with the one's I've not seen before. I'm sure I'll have fun seeing them. Tis true about our blogging community being so supportive. A special group of people we are! ;)

  2. Thanks for posting a list of your favorite blogs. I'm always looking for new Christmas blogs to feed my excitement for the holidays!

  3. How nice of you to mention my blog in your favorites! I will have to visit some of the others you mentioned above too! It's so nice to have bloggy friends! Have a great week.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out. You know sometimes when you post on your blog you wonder if anyone ever takes the time to read or even come back and read it often. It is so nice to hear that you enjoy my blog
    Thanks, you made my day.

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out! That is so sweet of you! I agree completely with your blog post! We are all an inspiration to one another with a lot of resources and creations to share.
    I love so many of the blogs you have mentioned here! Thank you again for taking the time to list so many--you are wonderful! I have you on my side margin :)
    Have a great weekend!
    love, Brenda

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoy your blog as well!! I need to go see what I have been missing on the blogs you have mentioned!
    Take care, Jonquil.


  7. Well... well... well.... I'm just so..... touched! Touched that you would mention me on your list of favorites... (SO SO SWEET!!!!) There are so many that you have mentioned that I FREQUENT often - and LOVE too!!! And your blog is one of them as well!! I was so SURPRISED to see you mention little ol' me! (blush-blush) It just made my day! Thanks so much!!!! So excited about your upcoming "TREE" post!!! Can't wait!!! Thanks again!!!! AND.... as soon as I'm finished with my giveaways.... I'll be doing the same thing..... Braggin' about my favorite places!!! And I can't WAIT to add more to my list of FAVS!!!! I have so much FUN wonderin' around blogland.... (my family hates it - but too bad... I deserve it right!??! LOL!!!) Have a great weekend!!!! And.... THANKS AGAIN!

  8. Oh thank you so much for mentioning my blog. It sure helps knowing that there are people that enjoy what you are doing.

    I love sharing and have just so much to share, as other bloggers do. I am looking forward to sharing my Holidays with everyone.
    Here is one of my favorite blogs for Christmas. Debbie has been an inspiration to me with some of her posts.

    Again thank you for promoting my Holidays Corner.


  9. Oh my! Thank you so much for including my blog in this post... I can't explain my happiness right now. This is so sweet of you. You all bloggers are the primary reason why I keep blogging and keep sharing beautiful things. I am more inspired now... in return of your thoughtfulness, i will surely mention you on my next post.

    By the way, I live in the Philippines. I come to realize i should state where i live on my "about me" section. thanks for reminding me. :)

    lastly, I will surely checking out your blog since Christmas is getting nearer.

    love lots!


  10. What a sweetie you are! Thank you so very much for featuring my Christmas blog and for your very kind words. You have made my week!

    I too feel so blessed to be part of such a kind and friendly blogging community. We are lucky aren't we!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  11. Hi everyone, thank you so much for your kind comments! You all are so grateful it just proves my point even more, that this is a wonderful community!

    I dont need your thanks though, writing this post about all of you is my way of thanking you for entertaining me and making me smile with your fun blogs. I look forward every day to checking out all of your new blog posts.

    Just pass it along if you can and help us all grow our blogs with new followers and views. It makes blogging so much more fun when you receive comments and compliments.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hello!!

    I am so glad that you visited my Christmas blog!! I am always looking for fellow bloggers who share their love of Christmas on their Christmas blogs!!

    Yes, I signed up as a follower and listed your blog on my Christmas Blog Roll!!

    I am still decorating and may have more than 14 years this year!! I hope you will stop by for my Home Tour.
    After I am finished decorating i will have more time to visit all of my blogger Friends!!


  13. You are so sweet! I love your blog and will be adding it to my blog roll :-) It is so nice to surround yourself with people who love the same thing. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post *hug*!


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~ Jonquil