November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree Contest New & Improved!

Hey Everyone, I made the Christmas Tree Contest easier to enter!
I realized it was too much, so I cut back and made it simpler (that's why my video gets a little choppy in the middle). Oh well ;-)

I've cut out the bit about having a piece of paper in your photo to verify your photo. This way you can just use a photo you took last year or one you have on your blog.  Simple right?

So look through your pictures and find a picture of your tree to enter with. If you don't have one just snap one!

I hope you all enter! It will be a lot of fun!  I'm so excited to see all of your trees :-)


Enter now by submitting a picture of your tree by email attachment to:


  1. I love your creative energy and excitement for Christmas! Sounds FUN! Have a Great weekend!
    Love, Brenda

  2. Hi Jonquil! I'm your newest follower AND I just added your cute button to my Christmas blog!! Now, I've got to go read about your Christmas tree contest.....

  3. Hi Stephanie, Welcome to A Whimsical Christmas! I LOVE new followers!! :) Thank you for following me, its a great compliment.
    Ive added your blogs to my "Great Blogs" list and Im following them.
    I hope you enter the contest, it should be fun. Im really looking forward to it!!!
    Thank you for stopping by
    ~ Jonquil

  4. Thank you Brenda! Thats very sweet of you to say, I am a bit obsessed with the holidays, lol :)

  5. Hi! not sure exactly what I am doing, but I tweeted, then followed and now posting! LOL! Love the blog though! :)

  6. Hello!
    I have button on my blog and I am a follower!!
    I will probably do a post showing all my trees and that will be the one I link up with...


  7. Hi KeRobinson, you did everything perfectly! Thank you :-)

    Debbie, cant wait to see all of your trees and see which one is your favorite!

    Thank you!


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~ Jonquil