November 24, 2011

Christmas Tree Contest!

Now accepting entries for the Christmas Tree Contes!!!

 Accepting entries from November 24th - December 10th, 2011

- 1st place prize -
* "Christmas Tree" Yankee Candle. Large size will burn for over 180 hours! I love these candles and I know you will too! Click here to check it out their website.
* You will also receive a custom made snow flake ornament declaring that you have won first place in the annual Christmas Tree Contest.
*And you will win a pair of artisan earring that I made for the 1st place. Check them out in my Etsy shop. 

- 2nd & 3rd place prizes -
* You will receive a sparkly glass bracelet either red or caramel color. 
* You will also receive a set of matching artisan glass earrings. 

- Everyone who enters will get... -
Your Christmas tree picture and a link to your blog posted on!!! Great for getting new followers and finding awesome new blogs!

To Enter:
1) “Follow” A Whimsical Christmas, just click that big button at the top of the page  that says “Follow”.

2) Post something on your blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter about the contest with the link to
- OR - 
Post the Christmas Tree Contest "button" to your blog. (its on the right sidebar). 

3) Then come back to this post and leave a comment with a link to where you posted the contest link. 

5) Finally, enter the contest on the side bar ----> 
(at the very top)

- Once you have successfully completed all these steps, you will receive an email confirming your submission to the contest.

Winning will be determined by voting! You can come back every day to vote for your tree or someone else's. All trees will be posted for voting on December 11th, 2011. All entries must be submitted by December 10th

I hope you all enter its going to be a lot of fun with prizes! 


  1. Hi Jonquil. Thank you for stopping by & leaving a comment. Also thank you so much for mentioning my blog as one of your favourites, it is so very sweet of you :) I have not been blogging much lately as I have been very busy which is why there is a delay in getting back to you. Just wanted to explain so you don't think that I didn't appreciate it. Hope you are having a nice Friday. Lily.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Jonquil! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get lots of entries.
    I don't know if I'm going to enter or not. I'm awfully busy and my big tree isn't near being finished yet. Will let you know. I seem to have a lot going on right now. Take care.


  3. Hi girl! Thank you for stopping by my blog and inviting me to join your Christmas Tree contest. This is really great! I already thought about it and decided yes, maybe I should, although I don't expect to win. Our house doesn't have a huge Christmas tree and we haven't put it up yet. But i will try my very best to beautify it, I promise. :) I just hope I will be able to submit my entry before the deadline.

    Love lots! xo Cherry

  4. Hi Cherry! I'm so delighted that you are going to enter!!! Winning is determined by voting, and you can vote a lot, so you never know who's going to win :)
    I cannot wait to see your tree, I'm sure its beautiful.
    love, Jonquil

  5. Hi Jonquil! It's so nice to meet you, & thank you so much for following my blog. I am now following yours and will most definitely enter your contest as soon as my tree is! This is a great idea!

  6. Hi CAS, Im so glad to have you! I get so excited to meet new followers. I cant wait to see your tree, its going to be a lot of fun!


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