November 28, 2011

Enter the Christmas Tree Contest by Email

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know I've made the contest EVEN EASIER to enter.

There was some troubles with the widget I was using, so instead of using a widget, I'm going to accepted entries via email. To enter the contest, pick a picture of your favorite tree and email it to me along with the link where you posted about the contest, at

I certainly don't want anyone to have troubles on my site, so I really appreciate any feedback.

This is my first contest so naturally there have been some bumps in the road, but I'm pretty sure everything is worked out now and there will not be any more changes. Thanks for your patience with me. 

So lets keep it simple and do it the old fashioned way, by email. ;-)



  1. Jonquil,
    Sounds great!! I am off to work now but will email you in the morning? Can you submit more than one tree?


  2. Jonquil,
    I want to join this contest badly, but I'm not sure if I can make it before the deadline... This week is a little busy for me, and I haven't put up our Christmas tree yet. I will try my best.

    xo Cherry

  3. Hi Cherry, I hope you can enter! You still have 2 weeks until the deadline :)


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~ Jonquil