November 29, 2011

Great Give-away on a great blog...

I'm starting to get a lot of submissions for the Christmas Tree Contest, I'm so excited about that, thank you all!

I thought you might like to enter another give-away. 12 Months of Christmas is having giveaways just about every week for surprise prizes. It super easy to enter, she just wants a comment on her posts and you can enter mulitple times by doing things like following her. I've already won twice!! I won a great Christmas book, that I've started reading, and I just won another prize this week, but its still a surprize. ;-) I never win anything so its really fun for me. 

Let us know if you win!!

P.S- there is usally mulitple winners per week, so the chances are pretty good that you will win.

1 comment:

  1. oh... oh.... oh.... You are too sweet!!! Thank you!!! (here is a clue.... my # of winners is matching the number of Giveaway... so this week... Giveaway #4.... so 4 winners....!!!!) But don't tell... we like to SURPRISE them!!! LOL!

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I better get crackin' on my SURPRISE PRIZES!!!)... and... your #2 is going out tomorrow.... let me know when you get.. and if you like.... :) (or just tell me you do to save my "feelings" this month... LOL!)

    Thanks again!!! Just LOVE ALL my new BLOGGITY-BLOG friends!!! Just love em'!


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