November 07, 2011

Handmade Twilight Inspired Necklaces

Most of you don't know this, but I am a big Twilight fan. I cannot totally explain why this movie tugs at my heart strings, but I can tell you the unconditional love and old fashioned romance plays a big part of it. With the newest Twilight just days from being released into theaters, I wanted to make some unique and original jewelry that would reflect the intense romance of the movie along with the gorgeous scenery.

For the past week I have been building my bead collection, traveling near and far to find the bead that sings to me. Every bead I used was special in its own way. I particularly enjoyed a local bead shop that I actually pass by on occasion but never noticed. My sister found this hidden gem when she was out hunting for beads for me herself.

Although my inspiration and color palette was from the Twilight movies and books, I think these necklaces turned out so nicely that even people who are not very familiar with the Twilight franchise can really appreciate their beauty. 

Necklace inspired by Bella Swan's Gorgeous Bracelet
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This first necklace is one of my favorites. When I spotted this pendant I was immediately reminded of Bella Swans (the female lead) Bracelet. I then began finding beautiful glass, gem, and stone beads to accent it. Every bead was inspired from an element in the movie. The green stones and beads reminded me of the setting that the movie takes place. It was filmed in Forks, Washington, and the lush, thick forest is featured in most the scenes. These beads reminded me of the green canopies of leaves that float above moss covered rocks below and ferns everywhere in between. The copper beads reminded me of the wolf pack and Jacob Black who is part of the love triangle between the vampire, human girl, and werewolf.

The Twilight movies are so beautiful because they switch back and forth between the cool colors of the cloudy sky and greens of the foliage, as well as warm red and brown colors depending on who the lead lady is spending time with. I wanted to include this in my main piece, so I think the touch of copper does that nicely.

I could keep going on about every bead on here, but I should move on to the next beauty.

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Necklace Inspired by that Romantic Flowered Meadow

This next necklace has a complete different feel to it, I really like how each piece seems to have its own personality.  In the movie, Bella's one true love, Edward the vampire, takes her to his favorite place, a hidden meadow far from any trail, deep into the woods. His meadow has a very magical feel, it is a large clearing covered in wildflowers and beaming with sunlight. A huge contrast to the dark cover of the forest that surrounds it. This scene turns out to be monumental to the saga and series, and this pendant reflects the happiness and light airy feeling of the meadow surrounded by the looming darkness of the towering trees.

This necklace has been sold!!!

Necklace Inspired by Bella Swan's Room

This last necklace was mostly inspired by Bella's room, a lot of the movie shows glimpses of her room, and its really quite beautiful. The purple, pink and gold airy hues in this necklace give me the same feeling as her room. The copper tones of the metal throughout didn't picture as beautiful as it is in person, but it gives me the feel of the wolf pack again, and the metal pendants have a design on them that is reminiscent of Jacob, and his wolf pack, tattoos, as shown on their shoulders. The big quartz heart is inspired by Bella's moonstone ring that has become famous, but also a large diamond pendant that her beloved Edward gives her. The other pendant reminded me of the Cullen family crescent (Edwards family), you can see on Edwards leather bracelet in the first photo.

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I had so much fun designing these and I'm excited to make more with different inspiration themes behind them. Which one is your favorite?


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  2. These necklaces are beautiful by the way :)

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  4. I like the flowery meadow one! It's too bad it's sold though! Keep making these, you obviously have talent at it!

  5. Annett EiffertNovember 07, 2011

    I love your descriptions of your jewelry!

  6. Thank you Auntie! Its so easy for me to write something when I'm passionate about it.

  7. omg i love those gems! and speaking of twilight, i can't wait the first part of the last movie which will be out in theaters anytime soon. :)

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