November 12, 2011

More Jewelry! Dangle Artisan Earrings

 What did I do all day? I made loads of jewelry! 
As I sat down in front of my spread out collection of trinkets and shiny things, I got inspired! I had everything I needed to make earrings with, but I hadn't experimented with it yet. Once I dove in, I realized how simple they are to make! So I decided to make a huge bundle of earrings, list them for about a dollar per set, and allow people to purchase them in my shops. I'm not charging much for these because I want to share them with everyone so I can continue to make them without being over run with earrings.

Next, I made another necklace. It turned out so well, I still haven't decided if I want to part with it or not. If I do decide to, Ill let you guys know, and list it in my Etsy and Ebay shops. I used a pretty gold coin that fell of an old necklace I have, and accented it with glass beads and unique beads dangling below it. I'm really pleased with it!

What do you guys think? Not bad? I wish my camera did them justice, so you could see the details.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! :)

Click here to purchase them! pssst...their really cheap!!

These would be great stocking stuffers, or keep them all for yourself and have a matching pair for every outfit :) 

Update: Just 30 minutes after posting these to my shops, this they all sold!!! I will be making another set, tonight or tomorrow.


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