November 09, 2011

Santa Claus Strawberries

 Check out this adorable idea for your next holiday party or for Christmas morning! Little strawberries with the tops sliced off, a dollop of whipped cream placed in between, a couple sesame seed eyes, another little dot of whip cream on top of his hat...and there you have it, an adorable little Santa Claus!
I wasn't able to find a recipe for the thick whipped cream they used in this picture, but it seems like you could improvise.

How much do you love this simple yet festive idea?
I know this will be perfect with our Christmas breakfast of bagels and lox and bubbly champagne. ;-)


  1. Such a great idea. Definitely perfect for Christmas breakfast or brunch. Love it!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! I think this will for sure be added to our Christmas Eve Breakfast!! I already know it they will be a hit!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  3. So good looking and so simple. Love it thanks!

  4. Cool! Love this idea! It's Pin. time!!

  5. Love this idea. And I know my grandbabies of all ages would love them too. Grabbing your button and adding to my blogs.


  6. Hi Karan thank you so much for your support! I will add your to my blog also!
    Have a nice week :)

  7. This is a wonderfully simple yet festive idea! Love it =D

  8. Oh, BTW - I meant to mention in my last comment.. to get the thick whipped cream, just buy heavy whipping cream and use your hand mixer to whip it up! You'll know when it's just right :)

    1. Hi Monica, thank you!!! Thats been the only reason I havnt made them yet.
      Im going to make them now!
      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  9. Hi Jonquil, you're welcome, I hope you got to make them =D

    I really have been enjoy your blog, thanks for all your great posts!


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