November 18, 2011

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Review

Hi everyone, I just got back from the newest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1. As you all now know, I love Twilight! I have read all of the books at least 10 times and watch the movies religiously. So, as you can imagine I was pretty excited to see the new movie.
I had really high expectations for this movie because while I read the books I create images in my head of how different scenes would look, so the director had to exceed or at least match what I imagined.

For those of you who have not seen the Breaking Dawn movie and are planning on seeing it, this is going to be a spoiler, so come back and read this once you have seen the movie. :)

 One crucial moment that would be a challenge to stay true to the book while keeping the movie PG-13, is the honeymoon scene. We've all seen it a hundred times in movies, but the demographic of this movie is young girls. So they had to do this scene tastefully but still relay all that happens in the books, days of ... honey mooning. That could be a challenge. I think they pulled this off very well, and made it sort of playful.

Another scene I was extremly anxious and curious to see was Bella's birthing scene. In the book this monumental moment is graphically explained. REMINDER: SPOILER ALERT! The birthing scene in the book is horrendous as Bella fights for her life as Renessme (Bella and Edwards daughter) is unintentionally crushing her from the inside out. This is not a normal birth, Bella's vampire/human baby has to be removed in a gruesome way which leads to Bella's death. But if you know Edward, you know he would never let his one true love die without a fight, he was prepared for the worst and is able to save her...kind of. This is such a monumental time in the book because this is both when Reneesme is born and Bella finally gets her wish to become a vampire.  I was so thrilled that watching this scene gave me goose bumps. Kristen is an amazing actress.

 I was also very concerned about the following section of the book when 
heart broken Jacob gets his first glimpse of Reneesme. Expecting the feel extreme hate and rip the little devil limb for limb, he unexpectedly imprints on her instead. If you are unfamiliar with imprinting, its a wolf thing. It is almost like love at first sight, but so much stronger. It is explained in the books as, the person you imprint on becomes the gravity holding you to the earth, your reason for living, unconditional love even if that love is not returned. Now I know what your thinking; A teenage boy falls in love with a new born baby girl? Well its not quite like that, he doesn't see her as his "love" at this point, he just feels this need to protect her and do everything he can to make her happy. So, for her quickly lived life, she will be the most loved and spoiled baby in the world. Once she grows up, he will continue to loyally be by her side even if all he can be is a best friend.

So, that is imprinting when you are a wolf. I know it sounds weird, but Stephanie Meyer explains it in a way that I cannot. She doesn't make it seem creepy at all, she makes it sound like a beautiful thing. Anyway, I was definitely curious to see how they portrayed this on screen as most things don't transfer as well on screen. Most of the things in Twilight are feelings and thoughts and it is extremely hard to get an audience, who hasn't read the books, to understand what is happening at a particular moment. That is why Twilight gets made fun of sometimes, it looks weird when you don't know exactly what the significance of the moment is.

I have to say, this had to be the hardest out of all the 4 books and 5 movies to make. There is so much graphic and weird moments in this one that it may come across as crazy to viewers unfamiliar with the books, but if they left out those details, it would upset the fans who did read the books. Bill Condon, the director, had his work cut out for him! But, in my twihard twilighter opinion, he did a good job all things considering.
Bill Condon definitely took a creative spin on things, which was both good and bad. I really like how he did some scenes but at times it looked a little corny. I think he dragged a few scenes on too long and didnt make more important moments long enough. I really dont want to go into too much detail because I dont want to ruin it for anyone. But overall I enjoyed it. It was the most chick-flicky movie out of the series but I knew this ahead of time, having read the books, so I was able to mentally prepare my boyfriend for the gushy-ness. 

In a nut shell, by the time I got home I was ready to see it again. I am happy with the results of the movie, but I felt it was too "hollywood". One of the many things I love about the first movie was the low budget independent film feel. I feel like even in New Moon and Eclipse they were able to retain this feel. But in Breaking Dawn pt. 1, it felt very scifi without the deepness behind it that the other films had. Since it is Twilight, I love it, but I feel there are a few things that it was missing to give it that twilight feel. Like the Forks Washington woodsy feel, the small town feel, the mystery, and tangled emotions, and the characters where so different from the ones we know and love. I understand they are all growing up and maturing in the films and their lives have changed, but the whole feel of the movie has changed as well.

I'll let you make your own judgements, what did you think of it?


  1. Hi Jonquil,
    Shame on me, but I haven't seen the movies, nor read the books. I know, it is sacreligious amongst some. However, I hear so many good things about it, that I think I will at the very least see the movies. I have a ten year old daughter who has been inquiring about them for a while! ;)

  2. Thanks for the review, I haven't seen it yet.
    I think I need to go see it now. You did a good job on your review.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I haven't see it yet! But i'm getting itchy now. I can't wait to see the first part of the last movie. Like you, I have seen the movies, collected and read the books. A friend once told me that I should watch the movie 'cause I look like Bella sometimes which is very ridiculous! But instead of calling me Bella, he called me BellaT which is not good word in our language. Seriously, I have a round face!!!

    Anyway, I mentioned you on my recent post, and included your blog button under my Blogs I love sidebar. :)

    Have a wonderful week ahead Jonquil! I'll read the rest of this post once I watched the movie. :)

  4. Hi Cherry, its nice to meet another fan! I have a round face too, which bugs me. But I like to believe maybe I share some simular features as Kristen too. Shes beautiful! So it must be a great compliment o be told you look like her!
    Come back and let me know what you think of it!
    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone.

  5. Hi Jonquil!!! Just wanted to swing in and let you know you WON!!! my giveaway #2!!! YEAH!!!! so when you get a spare minute or two - shoot me a email with your mailing address and I'll get it shippin' to you !!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!! .... By the way.... I've been riding the same wagon with Maureen at Celestial Charms... LOL! I wonder if they have a support group for us folks... LOL!! I still have not read...nor seen any of the Twilight shin-digs...(BIG GASP!!! I know!!!) PLEASE don't disown me.... MAYBE ... just MAYBE... I'll try and get into them after the holidays when I have NOTHING to do.... LOL!!!! :) or try to plant myself still to watch a movie... maybe though... just maybe..... (Your post kinda made me wanna jump on the Twilight wagon.... KINDA! LOL!)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!! I'll be waiting to hear from you! THANKS!!!!
    ladybugz4bry at yahoo dot com


  6. Yay I won something! I ever win anything :) thank you so much! Im so excited to start my christmas tree contest so I can give out prizes but its really nice to recieve them too.
    I really enjoy the Twilight movies for them romance, but a lot of people dont get it. If you decide to watch them, let me know what you think.
    Thanks again! Ill email you right now!

  7. I am one of the ones that have not read, nor seen anything having to do with the Twilight series. Actually, I have no desire to. But a good review, none the less!

    Congrats on winning something!
    Take care, Jonquil.


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