December 23, 2011

100-Year-Old Letter to Santa

  My sister found this short little article through, about a 100-year-old letter to Santa Claus! The letter was found in a home owners chimney. The most amazing part of this story, is that the letter was not burned to pieces over the many years it was lodged in the fire place chimney.

 This letter makes me realize how much generations have changed over the years. One-hundred years ago young children asked old-saint-nick for gloves and toffee apples, now children are asking for I-pads, I-pods, Xboxes, Wiis, and every-other gadget you could think of.
This time of the year it is great to indulge children with the luxuries of life, but at the same time it is important to remind kids to be grateful for what they have and give back to those less fortunate. 

I love how he wishes Santa "Good Luck" in his letter, so sweet!

Stay safe out there in the mobs of people at the malls  :-)
For the whole story click here.


  1. What an absolute treasure that is!! I love finding treasures in unexpected places! One of the places that I have found is common is in old books. I make sure I go through any old book I get at an auction because sometimes I am pleasantly surprised at what I find.

    It seems there is suppose to be a link but I cannot get it to work. Is there suppose to be one? :o)

    Take care, Jonqil.
    Cheryl's Christmas Chattels

  2. Hi Cheryl, sorry about that. I fixed it :)

    I love finding treasures too! What a great place to look! I love finding old letters or old photographs. We live in a really old house and sometimes when you pull up carpet to replace dry wall you will find a picture or something written on the wall. Its so neat to see a little bit of our homes history!
    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Jonquil! Still waiting for my presents (prices) hehe :)

    greeting card for you!

  4. Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it on
    "Sundays with Santa."


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