December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree Contest is Open for Voting!

The Christmas Tree Contest voting has begun! I know its a wee-bit early, but I want to make sure you get your prizes in time for Christmas morning.

Vote on the sidebar ------------------->
(Just click on the tree to see it full size)

You can vote once per day and anyone can vote! Voting will run through December 16th, then the three winners will receive their prizes.

Here are the entries:

* Tiffani ~

* Tracy~

 Contestants: As you have noticed I have decided to allow multiple tree entries per person, if you have entered the contest and have another tree you would like to submit, just email me the pic ASAP, and I'll add it in! :)

Good luck everyone!!! :)


  1. Oh my goodness how can anyone pick just one. They all are great.


  2. Yay! go go little Christmas tree!!!! Vote for the red tree!

  3. Each and every one is so beautiful!

  4. My tree is not in the contest. I entered 30 Nov and emailed the photo of my tree. My blog is
    Danice's Holiday Blog.

  5. The Followers gadget has not been working properly for some time now. I see I am not listed as a follower of this blog, but I am since 30 November. When I tried to follow (again) it says I am already a follower.

  6. My mistake has been corrected and Danice is now entered into the contest so go check out her beautiful tree everyone!

  7. Super lovely contest! I adored Cherry's red tree so there goes my vote! Lovely weekend! XoXo Maca :)

  8. Hi Chic et Posh, my newest follower! Cherry's tree is very pretty, but their all soooo amazing! I love each and everyone of them ;-)
    Thanks for voting and following

  9. Vote for the first tree....the red one!!!!


  10. Sorry girls, gotta vote for my girl, Cherry! (Go Cherry!) Good luck to everyone; they're all soooo beautiful. --Susan

  11. Wow! This is wonderful! I can't believe my tree has the highest votes! Thank you Maca of Chic et Posh, Francisca of The Chic Etoile and Susan of Imcountin23 for the sweet comments! Thank you girls!

  12. I love this contest! I sure love Cherry's tree. With the big red flowers, I die. I hope she wins.

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥


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