December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Contest WINNERS!!!!

...And we have our winners!!!!!!

* 1st Place~
Our 1st place winner with a whopping 92 votes is Cherry A. - Blog: A Day with me.

Cherry will receive the large "Christmas Tree" Yankee Candle (a $25 value). She will also receive the custom made ornament that she can display on her tree to let everyone know she won A Whimsical Christmas's, Christmas Tree Contest of 2011. Finally, she will receive a pair of my handmade glass artisan dangle earrings!!!

* 2nd Place~
Second place goes to Shontell O. with a close 71 votes - Blog: 12 Months of Christmas.
Shontell's blue winter wonderland tree has won her a beautiful beaded bracelet form Hallmark and a pair of my handmade glass artisan dangle earrings to match. She will look festive and shiny this holiday season ;-)

*3rd Place~
This was a close call but our 3rd place winner is Karen C. with her Kitchen tree adorned with adorable ginger bread men - Blog: Cozy Christmas Corner.
Karen will also be receiving a gorgeous beaded bracelet from Hallmark and a matching pair of my artisan glass dangle earrings. So eye catching and pretty, you'll love 'em!

Just email me your addresses and I'll send your prizes right out so you can enjoy them for the holidays! 


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Yay! I won!!! Thank you so much for all those who voted my little red tree!!! I'll never forget this. Jonquil, I've just sent to you my address via e-mail.

  3. Congrats Cherry!!!! (secretly loved your tree too!!!) and congrats Karen C too!!!! I loved them all!!!! And THANKS Jonquil - this was really fun... and intense... hee hee hee!!! I just can't wait, and believe me - I'll be HIDING those cute little earrings and that bracelet from my girls.... THEY ARE MINE!!!!:) Thanks again! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!

  4. Thank you Jonquil. I am honored . And very surprised to say the least. congratulations to Cherry and Shontell. Both are beautiful trees as are all of them.

    Merry Christmas to all,


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