December 21, 2011

Decoupage Vase / Candle Holder

We all have tons of vases sitting around the house. We receive them as gifts with our flowers year after year and they begin to pile up. So, what do you do with all of the vases, extra glasses, and boring candle holders, and bowls that belonged to an unfortunate fish? You decoupage them of course!
I LOVE to decoupage! You can decoupage absolutely anything in your home and its a great way to personalize and make unique items. 
I recently decoupaged an entire 6ft tall bookcase in my home with pictures of flowers, beaches, and inspirational words that I cut out of magazines. That is when I fell in love with the craft, so now I'm constantly thinking of new ways to decoupage. I think this video is great, she turns a plain-jane vase into a beautiful candle holder. 
What do you decoupage?

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