December 24, 2011

Its Going To Be A White Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. It looks like were going to have a white Christmas here.

My Black Lab / Great Dane mix had a lot of fun in the fresh powder yesterday ;-)


  1. How cute! Here in Alabama we probably won't get snow, although last Christmas Day we actually did :)

  2. We probably wont get anymore either. A lot melted today, and it should be warm enough to melt more tomorrow. Oh well :)
    I hope you get some!!!

  3. Jonquil,

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    It is a green Christmas here for us but we may get a bit of snow and sleet later in the week.


  4. Merry Christmas, Jonquil!! Have fun!

  5. Dogs can have a lot of fun in snow. Sigh, I wish my dog would have had a chance to play in the snow before she passed away.

  6. Very windy and cold here in Michigan today but no snow. Maybe by the end of this week. Looks like you dog loves the snow. We have 3 and two like it and will run up and down our deck but the third one I almost have to push out the door.

    Merry Christmas. Hope you are having a great day.


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