December 07, 2011

My little gingerbread house

Yeah...I know....its kindof pathetic....but it was fun!

I found a great way to make a gingerbread house on a budget without all the baking. After Halloween was over I stumbled upon a haunted gingerbread house in the Halloween clearance section. It was originally $20, I grabbed it for $3! Cant beat that! The only problem is it was a haunted house and I wanted to make a Christmas gingerbread house. So I wondered over the the candy isle and found some  Christmas colored "Dots". They where red and green with white tops, I thought they would look snow covered. I then grabbed some "Red Hots" the little red candies looked perfect for details and finally I grabbed some green apple candies. 

I replaced the candy bats and purple icing that came with the haunted house for the more festive candies and the orange frosting that also came in the box. I also used some white icing that came in the box but I made it too liquidy so I ended up just painting the house with it to make it look frosted.
It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped and I was even debating posting it because I was a little embarrassed by the disaster, but I decided "what the heck" and went for it. So here you go, I hope you get inspired to make a beautiful one and learn from my mistakes ;-)

How do your gingerbread houses turn out?

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