December 03, 2011

My top 5 Santa Clauses from a Movie

During the holiday season, I love to watch Christmas movies! Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more. I particularity like Christmas movies with the story of Santa Claus and his journey preparing for Christmas.  From the Jolliest to the most dedicated or even the Santa that embraces and teaches us the true meaning of Christmas. Here are my favorite Santa Claus's from holiday movies.

  1. I love Tim Allen in "The Santa Claus" 1994, and all of its sequels. Hes on the top of my favorites list. 

2. Edward Asner from the 2003 movie "Elf" is also at the top of my list. All of his elfs are so happy and giggly, the spirit of Christmas definitely shines through him.


3. "Miracle on 34th Street"; Edmund Gwenn plays a perfect Kris Kringle. Every line on his smiling face melts out hearts.


4. This little guy is so cute I just want to scoop him up and put him in my pocket! This adorable Santa is from the 1974 movie, "A Year Without A Santa Claus" 


5. Last on my top 5 list is Tom Hanks as the voice of Santa Claus in "The Polar Express", 2004.

 Who is your favorite Santa Claus?
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