September 11, 2012

DIY Dog Bed From Re-Purposed Coffee Table!

With the long winter nights creeping up on us, I really wanted cute little Shady to have a bed off the cold tile floor.                 

Chris and I had originally planned on starting from scratch with a few pieces of lumber, but then I came across some cute ideas on re-purposing furniture!

Shady is our 3 year old Black Lab / Great Dane mix. My Boyfriend and I rescued her when she was only three-months and we've grown to love her more than we ever thought possible. 
We were determined to give our princess an amazing bed!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
We wanted something big for her, she loves to stretch out, so I scouted Craigslist until I finally found this 48x48"  table for twenty bucks! 
(It was more beat up in person than it appears in the pics, the top is all scratched up)

We began by flipping the table over and removing the drawers.

We glued the "face" of one of the drawers back into place to make a fake drawer for decoration and left the other one open as an entrance onto the bed.

We added a piece of ply wood to cover the entire inside of the bed to make it extra strong and sturdy for her. I don't have a pic of this though.

 We then cut off the legs and glued / screwed them to the top of the table.
(Her old bed underneath to keep it out of the way)

Now that the whole thing was flipped over, I got to work on the cushion. 
(That's my sisters long-haired-chihuahua, Minka, in the bed with Shady. They're best friends!)

I bought this super soft and snuggly material from Joann fabric & craft store. 
I just did the simple no-sew cut and tie technique then stuffed it will a couple folded comforters. 
 Shes looks comfy doesn't she ;-)

I plan to re-stain the edges of the bed especially where we rounded the corners, but for now we are pleased with how it turned out.
 I said "we" a lot in this post but I really owe all the credit to my wonderful boyfriend Chris, he's the master craftsman. ;-)

So that's it, whatcha think, not bad, huh?!?!


  1. How clever! She looks very comfortable in it. Good job.

  2. Your little dog looks so adorable in her new bed!

  3. Thank you! I think she likes it and I bet it will keep her warmer this winter. :)


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