November 08, 2012

Activities for Snow Days - Guest Post

Hi everyone, I am honored to have a guest post by Vistaprint.  I use VistaPrint for many of my business needs, so I jumped on the opportunity!
Check out their guest post filled with snowy day activities. 

Snow Day Activities for the Whole Family
While the weather may still be pretty good at the moment, inevitably winter will hit hard and bring its usual offerings of snow, ice and bone-chilling cold. This causes treacherous road conditions, which in turn leads to every child’s school day favorite – the snow day. For parents, horrible winter days are not much fun to think about (unless you’re one of those crazy winter-loving people), but it doesn’t have to be all bad. If cold weather chaos leaves you and your children stuck at home, you may as well make the most of your time off. Here are some ways to do that:
Get a jump start on Christmas – If a snow day happens sometime before the holiday season, use the extra time to pick out your Christmas cards. You don’t even have to leave the house. Just use an online printing site to create your cards and then order. They’ll be printed and sent right to your door. If you’ve already got your cards then you can use the time to fill them out with your holiday messages. You can even get the kids in on the action by having them seal envelopes and put on stamps.
Speaking of the holidays – If you’re a crafter or party thrower, snow days give the perfect opportunity to work on some creative projects for the holidays. If you were hoping to make a bunch of holiday decorations or gifts this year then now is the time to do that. Again, you can get the kids involved here and it will speed up the process (probably) and provide the opportunity to spend time as a family and work together on a project.
Get outside and enjoy the white stuff – If it isn’t too cold and blustery outside then you may as well get out and have fun in the piles of fresh snow. At the very least, send the kids out to play for a while. Sleds, tubes, garbage bags and boxes are all great for sliding. There are also forts to be built and snowball fights to be waged. Besides, being outside for a while makes a steaming mug of hot chocolate taste even better once you come back in.
Stay in and play – As suggested in an article by Carol Sarao on, snow days are not always so outdoor activity friendly. If you’re stuck inside and the kids are getting out of control it’s time to get them involved in a more organized activity. There are plenty of games that can be played indoors and some of them can even provide a learning opportunity as well as being fun.
Create some comfort and warmth – What’s better on a frosty day than being inside a warm house with the smell of delicious comfort foods wafting through the air? If you enjoy cooking or baking you can use the time to make some big batches of your favorite cold weather treats. Work together as a family or get the kids settled in with a movie and enjoy the time to yourself. Either way, you can get some tasty food tucked away in the freezer for one of those hectic work days, as well as having wonderful warm meal to enjoy that night.
So next time you find yourself snowed in with the family, don’t despair. You don’t have to drive each other completely up the wall. There are plenty of activities to fill the time and many of them even offer the opportunity for some family bonding.


  1. Love having comfort foods on those cold snowy days and especially a hot chocolate...mmmmm....These are some good ideas! Crafting is always fun! Have a nice Sunday! Love your little wreath cursor!

  2. You know me and Christmas - love all the ideas!



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