November 01, 2012

Its November!!!

Happy November 1st everyone! I thought this day would never come! I like Halloween, but I was sooo looking forward to November!  
I'm hosting a booth in a craft fair this weekend selling my wreaths and aromatherapy products. I have been preparing for that like crazy and I'm getting very excited that its only a few days away. 

I'm thinking about doing some Christmas decorating next week once my event is over. What do you think, is putting up a tree next week too soon? It does make the house feel more festive for Thanksgiving to have twinkling lights outside the window.  Last year, I waited until the day after Thanksgiving, which seems more appropriate but I'm debating that this year.

When do you decorate? 

Hope you all had a spooky fun Halloween and your kids brought loads of treat home! 


  1. I traditionally decorate the day after Thanksgiving. But now that my daughter hosts Thanksgiving, I've started earlier. I plan to decorate our office and spare rooms this weekend and then slowly add to it. I'll probably put our main tree up the week of Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see your decor!

  2. Hi Vicki, good to know! I think you have a great idea! I might do do that too, just put out a few things, but save the big tree and lights for a little bit later on.
    I'll post pictures probably in December of my decorations.
    Thanks for stopping by!!! You made my day knowing someone out there reads my blog, lol! ;p
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Your wreaths are beautiful! I especially love the top red and silver one! Great job!
    We usually wait and decorate the day after Thanksgiving too, but I'm ready to whip out my decorations at any time!
    Love the Christmas background for your blog. Nice touch!

  4. Thank you!!! I really enjoy making them and I have a ton of them!
    I guess I should have included a link incase anyone want to check them out.

    Thanks for noticing the Christmas background!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Each year my tree is up and decorated for Thanksgiving, and so is the rest of my house. It just makes things more festive as you say! I'm afraid this year will be the first of 22yrs. that my decorations won't be up for Thanksgiving. We are moving soon...hopefully before Thanksgiving. If I can just get my tree up and some wreaths on the windows, I'll be happy. The new place will be filled with boxes as this one is now! My house has a new scent...cardboard! I smell it every day as I come down my stairs. Ugh! So, I'm getting a little sad that things aren't NORMAL for the holidays this year. We may have to order Bob Evans farmhouse Thanksgiving feast this year. :) By the way, I love your wreaths and hope you do well at the craft fair!

  6. We started decorating a couple of weeks ago, lol! Best of luck at the craft fair. Your new blog background really looks pretty :)

  7. I started decorating my bedroom 2 weeks ago. I put up a skinny (fake) tree in the corner and the white lights are nice at night. I put it on a remote control so that i can turn it off while still in bed. I love that feature.

    I will just start adding more decorations each week. It's never too early to start decorating. Go for it!


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