November 05, 2012

My Ornament Wreath Booth

Hi everyone! As you know, I had a booth at a local holiday craft fair this weekend. I was pretty proud of how my booth turned out. My man built me this great wall to hang my wreaths on an a rolling table to display them as well. I just wanted share some pictures with my bloggy friends. ;-)

Turned out nicely  I had a great view of the mountains behind me and I was surrounded by sparkly things, so I was pretty happy :)


  1. Glad you had a nice turn out. Your ornament wreaths really are very full and pretty! Have a great week Jonquil.

  2. Your wreaths are beautiful and you had a great space to display them in!

  3. Looks great! Your wreaths are beautiful! Hope you had a successful day! :)

  4. Yes, very pretty wreaths. So glad you had a good time, Jonquil. A scenic view and sparkly things... how could those not make someone happy :)

  5. Your wreaths are beautiful and I love your wall!

  6. You have beautiful wreaths and such a nice display. So glad it worked well for you.

    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my "Man Cave" post!


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