November 12, 2012

Weekly Cheer (Video of the Week)

After 14 years of living in Colorado, I finally saw wild turkeys last fall. Luckily, I grabbed my camera in time to take a video as proof or my family would never believe me. ;-)

Seeing this little flock of in the harsh environment of the mountains, with almost every predator you could think of (mountain lions, foxes, coyotes and bears), I started to wonder: how could turkeys possibly survive if they had no defense?

I went online to test the theory that we've all heard a thousand times; turkeys cant fly. Well, guess what, they can and they are actually very graceful and beautiful in the air.
Check it out: 

So how do they survive? They fly into the branches of the sky scraping trees! I'm one of the few that thinks turkeys are amazing and gorgeous creatures, so knowing they can take flight, makes me a little more cheerful! ;-)

Still not convinced? 

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