September 24, 2012

The Hills Are Alive With .... Fire!

Well, not really (thank goodness) ... but the golden yellow and burnt orange aspen leaves look like flames against the rich green of the pine trees.
It's just stunning this time of year!
Here are a couple pictures of the seasons changing up here in the mountains of Colorado.
I love autumn!

September 22, 2012

Ghost Strawberries

Last Christmas I posted some adorable Santa Claus Strawberries perfect for Christmas morning; this year, I found some spooky ghost strawberries awesome for Halloween fright nights! 

 Chocolate covered strawberries are so easy to make and I haven't met anyone who doesn't love them.
These would be a hit at your next party!
Arnt they cute!

Santa Claus Strawberries:

September 15, 2012

DIY Light-Up Christmas Canvas

I have always wanted some festive artwork to replace my regular decor and hang on the walls during the holidays! The problem is, they are hard to come by at a reasonable price. 
I decided to try my hand at painting with hopes of making something pretty to decorate my bedroom a little more for Christmas! 

I'm not much of an artist, so I wanted to make something simple. I started searching the internet for inspiration and came across this holiday card. 

It reminds me of the complete silence of winter after a fresh snow fall. Plus it looked easy to paint, so I decided to give it a shot.

To keep the project as inexpensive as possible, I took a canvas art that I had grown tired of and painted over it to give me a blank slate.

 After many, many, many coats of an off white color I had laying around, I grabbed some left over powder blue paint and painted my sky. After that dried I used white acrylic paint to begin creating the snow.

After a few coats of white snow, I sprinkled Martha Stewart white glitter on the last coat to give it a magical shimmer. ;-)

Then came the fun part as I use metallic acrylic gold, silver and champagne tone paint to create the snow kissed trees.

I then added some fluffy red Cardinal birdies to the trees.

And finally, finished it off with some Christmas lights to illuminate the whole thing.

I found the battery operated lights on ebay and used a knife to poke holes through the canvas and push each light bulb through from the back. I would recommend using a round object to make the holes as my didn't turn out so great with the knife.

All lite up! Not to bad, and not to expensive! 
It will look even better when it starts to snow outside :)

September 11, 2012

DIY Dog Bed From Re-Purposed Coffee Table!

With the long winter nights creeping up on us, I really wanted cute little Shady to have a bed off the cold tile floor.                 

Chris and I had originally planned on starting from scratch with a few pieces of lumber, but then I came across some cute ideas on re-purposing furniture!

Shady is our 3 year old Black Lab / Great Dane mix. My Boyfriend and I rescued her when she was only three-months and we've grown to love her more than we ever thought possible. 
We were determined to give our princess an amazing bed!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
We wanted something big for her, she loves to stretch out, so I scouted Craigslist until I finally found this 48x48"  table for twenty bucks! 
(It was more beat up in person than it appears in the pics, the top is all scratched up)

We began by flipping the table over and removing the drawers.

We glued the "face" of one of the drawers back into place to make a fake drawer for decoration and left the other one open as an entrance onto the bed.

We added a piece of ply wood to cover the entire inside of the bed to make it extra strong and sturdy for her. I don't have a pic of this though.

 We then cut off the legs and glued / screwed them to the top of the table.
(Her old bed underneath to keep it out of the way)

Now that the whole thing was flipped over, I got to work on the cushion. 
(That's my sisters long-haired-chihuahua, Minka, in the bed with Shady. They're best friends!)

I bought this super soft and snuggly material from Joann fabric & craft store. 
I just did the simple no-sew cut and tie technique then stuffed it will a couple folded comforters. 
 Shes looks comfy doesn't she ;-)

I plan to re-stain the edges of the bed especially where we rounded the corners, but for now we are pleased with how it turned out.
 I said "we" a lot in this post but I really owe all the credit to my wonderful boyfriend Chris, he's the master craftsman. ;-)

So that's it, whatcha think, not bad, huh?!?!

September 04, 2012

My Latest Craft... Sparkly Lightswitch Covers

I LOVE sparkly things! Some people have a favorite color...mine is anything sparkly, shiny, blingy ;-)

Recently I was wondering what I could bling up next, finally this idea popped into my head. I love how they turned out, they spruce up any room and go with any decor. 

Before and after:
Final Result:

Made a few, much more sparkly in person

If your interested they are available in my etsy shop:

September 01, 2012

Creative Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

Creative Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

Guest post by Erin Levine

When the Christmas season arrives, millions of families look forward to receiving an assortment of amusing, cute, and beautiful Christmas cards. Many of these cards are simple greetings to wish your family a happy holiday season. Some individuals use this time to update you on their family news, while other holiday greetings include Christmas invitations to holiday socials and parties. There are many creative ways to display these cards for your family and visitors to enjoy. Here are a few ideas that look great and are simple to make with things you already have around the house.

Make a Decorative Wreath

You can easily create a decorative wreath using your collection of holiday cards. This project simply requires you to use glue or clothespins to attach your cards to a round wood frame from a craft store. You can dress this wreath up by using ribbons and other Christmas decorations, including garlands. Once you've completed your wreath, place it anywhere in your house.

Create a Display

Fireplaces and windowsills work great for displaying Christmas invitations and cards. After you artfully arrange the cards on these surfaces, place a few Christmas decorations around the cards. You can hang an extra string of lights in front of the area for an elegant touch. This display method makes it easy for you to add new additions as they arrive in the mail. 

Craft Tree Ornaments

Christmas cards make great additions to your Christmas tree display. First, punch a hole through the paper at the top left corner. After looping a ribbon through the hole, you can easily hang the card right on the tree. You can decorate your big Christmas tree with your cards or just use a smaller tree.

Make Your Own Garland

Consider attaching your Christmas cards to a festive ribbon to make a special garland. This project only requires a ribbon and a few clothespins to attach the cards. You can hang this ribbon just about anywhere, including down your banister stairs or across your fireplace. If you get more cards than your ribbon can handle, it's easy to make another one to display in a new place in your house.

Door Display

Using a ribbon, you can create a Christmas display on any door in your house. Start this project by taping thick and festive ribbon to the top of your door. Once you've cut the ribbon to the appropriate length, you can start decorating your door. Using paperclips, tape or glue, simply attach the Christmas invitations and cards right to the ribbon. This gives you a great way to decorate a part of your house that you might not usually decorate for the holidays.
Bulletin Board

A bulletin board gives you a blank slate to completely create your own Christmas art piece. Unless you want the brown cork to show, consider starting the project with a paper background. You can use holiday scrapbook paper or wrapping paper for a colorful base. After you've finished pinning the base, arrange your Christmas cards and attach them to the board. You can personalize this look by adding your child's Christmas artwork and any other holiday papers you may have.

Most importantly, have fun with your Christmas card displays and let them be a reflection of you and your own style. When you are finished, not only will you have a great way to display all of the Christmas cards you’ve received, but you’ll have a great conversation piece for your next holiday party!

Erin Levine works with PaperStyle, an online-only company that sells everything from cute Christmas greeting cards to elegant wedding invitations. She loves writing about do-it-yourself crafts and is eagerly awaiting the Christmas season!