September 09, 2013

Just a Quick Pic...

Well..its official, Autumn is sneaking up on us, and not a moment too soon! (Bloggers rejoice!)

I've have started to notice the leaves changing colors these past few days and today we got a pretty good hail storm, the first one of the season.

Although my doggie wasn't too happy about it (she turns into an 85lb baby and hides under the bed when it gets loud outside) I, however loved it! Just as quickly as it came, it melted away so Im glad I snapped a shot.
Just thought I share a quick pic.

Moments after the storm passed I noticed a mama and baby (fawn) deer passing through and was able to capture a great pic of the little one nursing!

What a great day :)

Have you seen any signs of autumn yet?

Also, I have begun working on my fall decor so check back for that! I might wait until October to post them because it is a work in progress as I'm slowing gathering things still. ;-)


  1. Here in Alabama, we are finally getting cooler weather but lots of rain and even a few thunderstorms. So, Autumn must be nearby. 'Love the photos, esp. the baby and mother deer :)

  2. The photo of the mama and fawn is awesome! We don't have "fall" in the Phoenix area. We have summer and not summer, hahaha. Usually we leave the 100s behind around 10/15, so we still have a ways to go. Although we are having unusual rain right now due to a tropical storm waaay south of us. It's terrific!

  3. Love the photo! I'm always looking forward to fall - it's my favorite season!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  4. Lots of trees here are starting to change also. NIghts are cool and great for sleeping. Love the cool nights and warm days. Sure sign that "Fall Is In The Air"

    Love the mama and her baby. They are just a beautiful animal. WE have lots of the deer in our area and so many will stroll through our yard. Love watching the fawns play.

  5. no signs of Autumn here yet. But boy am I ready! Lovely photos, thank you for sharing. xo

  6. Oh, that is such a sweet pic of the mama deer and baby! No signs of Fall here, except inside my home.....!

  7. That looks great to me. I hope that you'll share more materials on that. You know, those notes on natural environment are really curious, in my opinion.

  8. I am waiting for your new fall decoration ideas. It must be so exciting to decorate the house with these patterns, creating a colorful and cozy atmosphere.

  9. It's very cool that you managed to shoot this shy animal so closely. It looks very graceful and beautiful.


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