October 31, 2013

Continued....Autumn Home Decor for Under $20!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

I thought today would be a good day to post the second part of my autumn decor for under $20, so here we go!

If you remember from my last post, I purchased the fall leaves garland from dollar tree and used some of them along my TV stand. I also got a steal on some battery operated timer candles from Kohl's and used one next to the TV with a cute little sparkly pumpkin next to it. I also found some gold Eucalyptus sprigs from dollar tree and hung them on the wall in a pottery wall vase. So pretty!

With the other half of my $20 bargin finds, I decorated the top of my desk hutch....

While I was digging through my holiday box, I found this adorable little tin pumpkin that I picked up at a garage sale last year. It was in a goodie box, so Im not sure how much I paid, but it was practically free. I popped one of the timer candles inside and he illuminates his smiling face for me everyday! Love it!

I placed my last two timer candles on the autumn leaf garland and the remainder of the gold Eucalptus mixed in the tie the whole room together.

 Finally, I dug out my Yankee candle from last year and plugged in my rock salt lamp for the added ambience and pumpkin spice autumn scent that my battery operated candles cant provide.

So blissfully soothing and spooky at the same time ;-)

I hope you are all having a great Halloween! What are your plans for the day? Passing out candy to the trick or treaters, costume party, spooky movie night? I had a nice outing with my Mother and I'm spending the rest of my night cozied up in front of Ghost Adventures and other other Halloween themed shows.

Booooooohahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 22, 2013

Autumn Home Decor for Under $20!

I know, I know, I'm late! I am sorry for the delay, usually I try to have my blog up and running again by October 1st, but I have been so busy I haven't had a moment to stop and sit down at the computer.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to show a few pics of my fall decor. This year, I really wanted to do a little autumn decorating. Usually I just buy a couple pumpkins, but this autumn I was on a mission to add some fall festivities for under $20! 
My first stop was the dollar store. The dollar store is a great go to for your basic decorations like florals, vases, garland, ect. These items will give a fuller more complete background to your nicer decorative candles, glitter pumpkins, ect. 

I was thrilled with the selection I found at my local Dollar Tree! I ended up with 
  • 4 autumn leaf garlands
  • 1 Sunflower garland
  • A bundle of gold painted Eucalyptus
These garlands really go a long way! I bought five of them with the plans of doubling them up to give them a fuller effect, but they would look great on their own too! The gold/champagne painted Eucalyptus smells amazing and is a lot of bang for your buck!

My next stop was Kohls. I have always wanted battery operated candles with a timer so they would light my home when I was away and add a calming ambiance without having the light them or turn them on every day. These are great if you want candles in a part of your home that is hard to reach because you just turn them on timer mode and they do the rest for you! 
These white pillar candles were originally $39.99. They were on 50% off sale for $19.99, I had a coupon for 20% off making them $15.99, then I used Kohls cash which took another $10.00 off. I finally ended up paying $5.99 for this set of four candles!!! I was so excited!

With my candles and florals in hand, my next stop was Walmart. At Walmart I found an adorable little glitter pumpkin for $2.00

I used the garland to run along my tv stand, added a timer candle on one side and a sparkly little pumpkin next to it. I also did the same thing along the top of my hutch desk and used the other three candles there. 
I'll have pictures of that in my next blog post.

I used some of the Eucalyptus sprigs in a little pottery vase I have hanging on my wall. (Christmas gift from my Mother, aww!)

I used the remainder of the Eucalyptus mixed in with my garland ontop of my desk. Check out my next blog posts for pictures of that!

Not bad for $20.00! And that is only half of it!

Do you buy any decorations at the dollar stores? 

Thanks for your patience with me, I have some great bloggy ideas for the Christmas season, just need to free up some more time ;)