October 22, 2013

Autumn Home Decor for Under $20!

I know, I know, I'm late! I am sorry for the delay, usually I try to have my blog up and running again by October 1st, but I have been so busy I haven't had a moment to stop and sit down at the computer.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to show a few pics of my fall decor. This year, I really wanted to do a little autumn decorating. Usually I just buy a couple pumpkins, but this autumn I was on a mission to add some fall festivities for under $20! 
My first stop was the dollar store. The dollar store is a great go to for your basic decorations like florals, vases, garland, ect. These items will give a fuller more complete background to your nicer decorative candles, glitter pumpkins, ect. 

I was thrilled with the selection I found at my local Dollar Tree! I ended up with 
  • 4 autumn leaf garlands
  • 1 Sunflower garland
  • A bundle of gold painted Eucalyptus
These garlands really go a long way! I bought five of them with the plans of doubling them up to give them a fuller effect, but they would look great on their own too! The gold/champagne painted Eucalyptus smells amazing and is a lot of bang for your buck!

My next stop was Kohls. I have always wanted battery operated candles with a timer so they would light my home when I was away and add a calming ambiance without having the light them or turn them on every day. These are great if you want candles in a part of your home that is hard to reach because you just turn them on timer mode and they do the rest for you! 
These white pillar candles were originally $39.99. They were on 50% off sale for $19.99, I had a coupon for 20% off making them $15.99, then I used Kohls cash which took another $10.00 off. I finally ended up paying $5.99 for this set of four candles!!! I was so excited!

With my candles and florals in hand, my next stop was Walmart. At Walmart I found an adorable little glitter pumpkin for $2.00

I used the garland to run along my tv stand, added a timer candle on one side and a sparkly little pumpkin next to it. I also did the same thing along the top of my hutch desk and used the other three candles there. 
I'll have pictures of that in my next blog post.

I used some of the Eucalyptus sprigs in a little pottery vase I have hanging on my wall. (Christmas gift from my Mother, aww!)

I used the remainder of the Eucalyptus mixed in with my garland ontop of my desk. Check out my next blog posts for pictures of that!

Not bad for $20.00! And that is only half of it!

Do you buy any decorations at the dollar stores? 

Thanks for your patience with me, I have some great bloggy ideas for the Christmas season, just need to free up some more time ;)


  1. Not only did you get some great buys, but you put them to such good use! I didn't realize you could buy candles on a timer, I'm going to check that out. Your TV garland looks terrific, can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

  2. Looks great! I LOVE Fall! :)

  3. What pretty decorations you made. I also am a big fan of the dollar stores as well as Kohl's. You are a great designer/decorator Jonquil :)

  4. Oh! You really have great finds. And I love the idea of the little pumpkin sitting next to candles. It is really cool.

  5. Wow! What great deals. I like the idea of candles on timers. I'm going to look into that for Christmas.

  6. It's a great news! i'm watching about developing of your ideas for long time! I wish you good luck.
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