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 Hi everyone, I'm Jonquil but I will often times go by J. I created this holiday blog out of the sheer joy Christmas brings to me each and every year. I'm sure that has something to do with where I live, the snow kissed mountains of Colorado. All year long I look forward to the quiet moments of relaxing by our glowing tree adorned with shiny gold and ruby red ornaments, cuddled up next to our roaring fire lined with overflowing stockings with a cup of chai tea, and my beautiful black lab. Out the window, a winter wonderland of frosted trees and a blanket of white covering everything in shimmering snow. Turn on some soothing Christmas music and I am in heaven!

Of-course, Christmas wouldn't be the same without family. I live in the home I grew up in with awesome fiance as I work my way through college. We are currently expecting our first baby this summer and we are very excited to be adding another member to our family. My family is spread out in different states, but we remain very close as I hold them all near and dear to my heart. They get me though the days with a smile on my face, and while they played a part in the creation of my holiday blog, really enjoying the little things in life was my inspiration for this blog. I feel so happy and at ease when I walk down a street filled with twinkling lights, or I hear a Christmas tune come on the radio, or even when I walk through the store and see the Christmas trees on display.

I want to share the little things I discover along my journey through the holidays with all of you. If it makes me smile, or laugh, or get inspired, you will find it on my blog.

I hope you enjoy A Whimsical Christmas because I have so much fun writing posts for it and discovering treasures to share with all of my wonderful followers!

I wish you and yours a magically blessed Christmas.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful mother and family! Your little doggies are so cute. I like how you described your relationship with your boyfriend as your missing piece to your puzzle. He must be a great guy!

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  3. We have lots in common! Glad to have found your blog!

  4. Me too! I love how active your blog is, I stop by every day!!!


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