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OCTOBER 01, 2012

Weekly Cheer (Video of the Week)

Weekly Cheer (Video of the Week) Returns!!!! 

Every Monday during the holiday season A Whimsical Christmas posts a video of the week. 
Something funny, cute, cleaver, crafty, amazing, shocking, anything really! The one thing they will all have in common, they will always be festive to the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

So check back every Monday now through the end of the year for your dose of weekly cheer.  

Here is our first 2012 weekly cheer video, enjoy!

Happy October! 
I LOVE animals, even more than Christmas! I know....shocking, right!?!   ;-D

This video makes me smile. 
Big scary kitties get playful when they celebrate Halloween with pumpkins...

Thanks to  http://www.bigcatrescue.org for creating this video.

Weekly Cheer (Video of the Week) will return on October 1, 2012 and continue, full swing, every Monday throughout the Holiday season! 


DECEMBER 26, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" (Video of the Week)

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Well Christmas is finally over, sadly. But while your taking down your decorations, reminiscing about your holiday memories with loved ones, and preparing for your New Years celebration, here is a nice song by one of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift. "Christmas When You Were Mine". 
I think this song is great for this time of the year because it has a little bit of a Christmas flare but is not over the top. Its a great transition song for those of us who have been religiously listening to carols all season long.


DECEMBER 19, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" (Video of the Week)

What's cuter than a kitten on Christmas, well besides a puppy on Christmas. Just kidding! ;-)
Your "Weekly Cheer" is an adorable kitten playing with Christmas pressies and ornaments. Enough said!


DECEMBER 12, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" (Video of the Week)

This weeks "Weekly Cheer" is sure to get you in the Holiday spirit. This video made me want to cuddly up in front of a crackling fire with a cup of hot cocoa. Enjoy!

"Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" with slide show:


DECEMBER 05, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" (Video of the Week)

Have you ever heard of a flash mob? It's a group of regular people, most the time they are strangers, who secretly coordinate a performance in a public place. They start off by blending in with the crowd, then at exactly the right time they break out in a dance or song. It usually turns out amazingly and brings happiness to the unsuspecting crowd around them. 

This "Weekly Cheer" is a flash mob singing hallelujah in a busy food court on black Friday.  


NOVEMBER 28, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" (Video of the Week)

 I think Mariah Carey has a beautiful, very real voice. Her song, "All I Want for Christmas" is one of my all time favorite Holiday songs. The up beat tone, along with positive lyrics of love, are exactly what I think of when I think of the Christmas spirit. 
This ought to get you amped up for your Christmas shopping! :)


NOVEMBER 21, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" - Video of the Week

I love all of Mariah Careys Christmas songs, this video is so cheerful and up beat it makes we want to dance around the room while cleaning and using the broom as a microphone.


NOVEMBER 14, 2011

"Weekly Cheer" Video of the Week

Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet?  Well it may be a little too soon, but its getting close!

I've said it before, but I love Ellen DeGeneres, she always makes me smile. In this "weekly cheer" video she gets rather silly as she has fun picking out her family's Christmas tree. 


"Weekly Cheer" (Video of the Week)

I'm not the biggest Justin Bieber fan, but I have to admit his Christmas song, "Mistletoe", is catchy and he's starting to grow on me! After you watch his music video, you have to check out Ellen Degeneres in Justin's video. Shes so funny!

Hello everyone! I'm excited to add a new section to my blog that will be the holiday video of the week. Every Monday I will be uploading a fun, interesting, or cute video that will be called "Weekly Cheer". So check back every Monday for your dose of holiday happiness with my "Weekly Cheer" video. 
This weeks "Weekly Cheer" video isn't exactly a holiday video, but it may help you save money while you're traveling this holiday season.

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